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Crown Sterling Deploys Blockchain Explorer

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Sept. 16, 2021 — Crown Sterling Limited LLC, a pioneer of personal data sovereignty technologies, is excited to announce that it has officially deployed its Blockchain Explorer, which is integrated into the Polkadot Explorer.

The Crown Sterling blockchain technology is the first to implement quantum-resistant, one-time pad encryption as an option for the state transition function. Crown Sterling announced earlier this year that it established the Data Bill of Rights as the Genesis block within its blockchain, declaring digital assets as the intangible property of the original creator.

“We are excited to pioneer the applicability of blockchain technology to create positive change and evolve the current system of data capture, protection and control. The benefits of participating in the Polkadot ecosystem are beyond comprehensible given the nature of the technology they have created. We look forward to continuing our mission in this space, not only in encryption and blockchain, but also in human rights,” commented Jesse Lurie, CTO, Crown Sterling.

Crown Sterling chose Polkadot for the combination of its high speed and concurrent transactions and its customizable encryption layer, making it ideal as a next generation NFT and quantum-resistant blockchain. We look forward to becoming the platform for people to support the future of digital asset authorization, monetization and ownership.

“I would like to congratulate our talented programmers. This is another major milestone toward our goal of personal data Sovereignty for the world,” commented Robert E. Grant, CEO and Founder, Crown Sterling.

About Crown Sterling Limited LLC

Leader in Data Sovereignty and provider of quantum-secure encryption, Crown Sterling empowers individuals and communities in an era of unregulated data consolidation, monopolization, and monetization by Big Tech. By leveraging next-generation encryption, blockchain technology, and decentralized digital transformation represented by Web3, we are committed to granting you complete control over your personal data and supporting the protection of free speech, assembly and choice.

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