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The last few weeks have presented some interesting headlines in the realm of data, its security, who’s after it, as well as updates in ongoing legal and policy conversations around this ever-evolving landscape. And when we say ever-evolving landscape, we mean it – let’s not forget we live in a world where the Snapchat influencer virtually cloned herself as an AI virtual girlfriend and made it rain with close to $72,000 generated in revenue in a week. 

Meta’s Pocket Takes a Hit: EU Data Regulators Impose Record $1.3 Billion Fine over Controversial Facebook Data Transfers to the US

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has been slapped with a record-breaking €1.2 billion ($1.3 billion) fine by EU data regulators and ordered to halt the transfer of EU citizens’ Facebook data to the US. The ruling by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) comes in response to concerns that such transfers expose EU citizens to privacy violations, following whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations in 2013. The fine surpasses the previous record set by Amazon in 2021. While Meta relies on data transfers for its ad-targeting operations, the ruling only applies to Facebook data and not Instagram or WhatsApp. Meta plans to appeal, and negotiations for a new EU-US data transfer agreement are underway. Read the full story here.

Leaked Document Reveals Spain’s Push for End-to-End Encryption Prohibition in the EU

A leaked document obtained by WIRED indicates that Spain has strongly advocated for the prohibition of encryption for millions of individuals across the European Union. The document highlights significant backing from EU member states for initiatives aimed at scrutinizing private messages for illicit material. Read the full story here.

OpenAI Launches Free Phone App for ChatGPT

Meanwhile, OpenAI’s powerful language model, ChatGPT, has expanded its reach and is now available as a free phone app. You know how Crown Sterling feels about “free” apps… With the app, users can engage in natural language conversations with ChatGPT, asking questions, seeking recommendations, or simply enjoying an interactive chat experience. Whatever that may be – helping with homework, supporting a breakthrough for a writing block, the possibilities for some seem to be endless. Read the full story here.

Crown Sterling’s Perspective

Rooted in our Data Bill of Rights, we believe that data is the intangible property of the original producer and should be protected. Generally, we find that free in the digital world comes with a caveat that somehow you (via your data & its value) are the product. We 100% believe in quantum-secure end-to-end encryption as a means to protect that value – we consider it a “fence” around our property; and we are committed to bringing that to you through a series of solutions, beginning with Orion.  

About Crown Sterling Limited LLC

Leader in Data Sovereignty and provider of quantum-secure encryption, Crown Sterling empowers individuals and communities in an era of unregulated data consolidation, monopolization, and monetization by Big Tech. By leveraging next-generation encryption, blockchain technology, and decentralized digital transformation represented by Web3, we are committed to granting you complete control over your personal data and supporting the protection of free speech, assembly and choice.

The launch of Orion™ Messenger presents a quantum-secure end-to-end encrypted, uncensorable, and decentralized communications platform as a solution where sovereign individuals and communities can thrive. Unlike commonly used applications that rely on vulnerable encryption protocols, data mining practices, and other limitations, Orion is the only platform allowing for large encrypted group chat and social media communications in an unmonitored and uncensorable environment. Join the Orion Messenger waitlist.