Mission: Data Sovereignty

Now is the time to take control over your collective and individual data domain. Whether in enterprise or personal privacy, our security is at risk from dated and vulnerable systems.

Thanks to groundbreaking and recent discoveries in Mathematics and Quantum Physics, Crown Sterling delivers a new era of technology to end the battle over costly data breaches and exploitative practices with your information.

Secure Your Digital Fortress.
Data Sovereignty NOW.


“ Freedom now lies in the sovereignty of your digital domain. ”

~ Robert Edward Grant ~

Crown Sterling Presents:

Entrepreneur Feature: 4 Ways Businesses and Consumers Can Take Back Their Data in 2019

Public backlash against misappropriation of personal data has reached a breaking point. Here are four things you should know. “There’s hardly a week that goes by these days where we aren’t confronted about another data...

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The Crown Sterling team is our greatest asset. We are a mind trust of forget-the-box thinkers, creators, and innovators who approach technical challenges together with curiosity and courage to change and rearrange what is possible.

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Forbes Feature: It’s Time to Fight Back for Data Sovereignty

What is the most valuable commodity today? The answer might surprise you. To put this inquiry in context, let’s begin with a little history. For decades, ever since the Bretton Wood Accords in 1944, the US dollar served as the global pricing mechanism for nations the...

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