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A transformational global leader in data sovereignty.


We provide transformational technologies that both establish and advance Data Sovereignty for all.


Freedom, Accountability, Service, Courage, and Higher Purpose.

Meet The Team

Our team is dedicated to Data Sovereignty, including everyone's right to freedom of speech, ownership of their data and protecting proof of self.

The only real obstacles are the imaginary ones.

Robert Edward GrantCEO, Founder
Robert Edward Grant

Robert Edward Grant

CEO, Founder

Vik Malik


Andrew Lusk

President & Chief Legal Officer

Ed Inal

Chief Operating Officer

Gheorghe Ungureanu

Gheorghe Ungureanu

Vice President of Software Development

Suzi Tack

Senior Director

Talal Ghannam, Mathematician, PhD (Author)

Talal Ghannam

Physicist, Ph.D., Data Scientist, Author

Our Geometric Approach

The world is changing fast. A critical aspect of humanity moving forward is a trusted platform that can keep pace with the technological landscape.

A prime number prediction pattern discovered and published by Robert Grant and Talal Ghannam, led Grant to look deeper into the vulnerabilities presented by quantum computing, and engineer the solution using a geometric approach.

One-Time Pad encryption, the most reliable quantum-resistant data security, will be available to the world through our platform using practical key compression.