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Sigma Magazine Crown Sterling

Sigma World’s Summer / Autumn 2022 issue features an interview with our Founder and CEO Robert E. Grant about Robert’s leadership journey, what makes us stand out from the crowd, and our mission and upcoming product launches.

Claiming to have the first quantum-resistant NFT platform in the world, Crown Sterling is making waves in this ever-growing industry. In this exclusive interview, Maria Debrincat [from Sigma Magazine] invites Robert E. Grant, Founder and CEO of Crown Sterling to shed more light on this leading brand in Personal Data Sovereignty.

Leadership Journey

Take us through your journey as Founder and CEO of Crown Sterling, what inspired you and what does the future hold?

I’ve spent over 25 years of my career as an entrepreneur founding leading companies in healthcare, blockchain, cleantech, encryption, advanced cybernetics, and fintech industries, and I’ve always been into mathematics. I’m currently Chairman and Managing Partner of Strathspey Crown LLC, and author of the best-selling book in number theory and geometry, Philomath.

My recent work in mathematics and geometry has been particularly associated with cryptography and compression, which evolved into Crown Sterling. In 2018, we published a paper on predicting prime numbers infinitely and accurately with a new type of number discovery called quasi-primes.

Implications of this discovery further emphasized the need for an information theory-based encryption method that does not depend on assumptions about the computational resources of an attacker (and therefore is quantum-resistant), in contrast to conventional encryption protocols relying on prime numbers and number theory. Our encryption products employ irrational numbers and machine-learning algorithms to overcome this vulnerability, and we’ve engineered a scalable utility for One-Time Pad (OTP) encryption, the only mathematically proven, unconditionally secure encryption algorithm.

Crown Sterling’s Competitive Edge

Tell us more about Crown Sterling. What makes your company stand out from the crowd?

Personal Data Sovereignty is our mission at Crown Sterling, and we believe that the key to a sovereign future is quantum-resistant NFT capability with encryption as the basis. Our Crown Sterling Chain is an independent high-speed Layer 1 solution custom built using Polkadot’s Substrate framework, and last year we launched our utility token, the Crown Sovereign (CSOV).

We stand out from the crowd because of our quantum-resistant encryption protocol. Earlier this year, the White House released a memorandum requiring the adoption of quantum-resistant protocols for all agencies. So, if every branch of the US government has received its orders to update its encryption, why not blockchain? We have a proprietary solution to securely encrypt data and make it practical on blockchains. OTP is already well known by NIST, and it’s a perfectly secure approach as long as the protocol meets specific criteria.

This brings us to another differentiation – our mathematical compression. OTP has been around for more than 100 years, but has remained impractical to implement because each key must be at least as long as the plaintext, which means large storage size required to hold both the data and the encryption. We had to solve the problem of how to compress data in a lossless fashion, and we engineered a solution and patented it. Crown Sterling Chain is the world’s first layer 1 blockchain to implement OTP’s quantum-resistant cryptography, and through bridging technologies we are developing a solution to offer our encryption protocol to other blockchains as a layer 2 security solution.

Crown Sterling Services

What are the services you offer at Crown Sterling?

Data has become the world’s most valuable asset, it’s more valuable than oil. If we’re creating more data everyday, how could it be more valuable as there’s not a scarcity associated with it? It is the control of data that generates its value. 

Our goal is to decentralize that control and put it back in the hands of original producers. We established the Data Bill of Rights on our chain’s Genesis Block,

“We believe that data is the intangible personal property of the original producer, and therefore protected by the United States Constitution, including the 4th and 5th Amendments, and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including Articles 12 and 17.”

Privacy is difficult to protect legally, but ownership is rock solid for protection, and I believe the future of data sovereignty is not only going to be about proof of work and proof of stake, it’s going to be proof of self. We want to be the platform to protect individual Data Sovereignty. Our product suite, which includes quantum-resistant cryptography and NFTs, end-to-end encrypted messaging, and other future data compression technologies, is accessible via our CSOV utility token. We are also developing a quantum-resistant VPN technology that encrypts everything on your phone, including messages, telephone calls, browser history, geolocation, and then converts that data into NFTs giving you the option to monetize it on exchanges.

The choice is yours.

About Crown Sterling Limited LLC

Leader in Data Sovereignty and provider of quantum-secure encryption, Crown Sterling empowers individuals and communities in an era of unregulated data consolidation, monopolization, and monetization by Big Tech. By leveraging next-generation encryption, blockchain technology, and decentralized digital transformation represented by Web3, we are committed to granting you complete control over your personal data and supporting the protection of free speech, assembly and choice.

The launch of Orion™ Messenger presents a quantum-secure end-to-end encrypted, uncensorable, and decentralized communications platform as a solution where sovereign individuals and communities can thrive. Unlike commonly used applications that rely on vulnerable encryption protocols, data mining practices, and other limitations, Orion is the only platform allowing for large encrypted group chat and social media communications in an unmonitored and uncensorable environment. Join the Orion Messenger waitlist.