Crown Sterling Founder Featured in Forbes

Featured at the First Annual Forbes Monaco Crypto & Art Gala in November, the Accidental Encryptionist includes interview highlights and company insight from Robert Grant, Founder and CEO of Crown Sterling. The article dives into how new discoveries in mathematics led to establishing Crown Sterling and the launch of the Crown Sovereign (CSOV) quantum-resistant token. 

Data may be the new oil but while oil is scarce, data is far from scarce . “It comes down to control of the data. A small handful of companies closely guard this commodity,” Robert Edward Grant told Michael Ashley in Forbes. “We are expanding what it means to be a human being. Along with the traditional self, you now have a digital persona that needs some degree of protection.”

For Grant, “At the end of the day, whomever creates the data is doing work that leads to its value and should be its owner. The same thing applies to companies and countries. There is mass exploitation going on right now across the board. When we talk about data sovereignty, there are essentially two market segments affected by this issue. One is consumers; their primary concern is privacy. When it comes to the enterprise side, their issue is security. Either way, they face the same challenge: how to better protect themselves.”

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