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The Data Sovereignty Show

LIVE SIMULCAST: Wednesday, September 15
10am PST | 1pm EST | 18:00 UK
The Data Sovereignty Show is setting the table and inviting visionaries, thought leaders, legislators and innovators to have a seat and a REAL conversation about data — what is happening and what is possible for the future of data protection, privacy, ownership and monetization.

You’re not going to want to miss this exciting FIRST podcast in an important series on Data Sovereignty. Hosted by Robert Edward Grant, CEO of Crown Sterling, who will be joined by special guests: Neil Sahota; Author, Speaker, IBM™ Master Inventor, Chief Innovation Officer UCI Law, and Jahon Jamali; CMO and Co-Founder of Sarson Funds, a Crypto Education & Investment firm, and former US Intelligence Officer.

This episode will simulcast LIVE on Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIN and replays available at the same links:

Crown Sterling Facebook LIVE

Robert Edward Grant YT Channel

Crown Sterling YT Channel 

About Crown Sterling Limited LLC

Crown Sterling’s mission is to empower individuals to claim, protect, and control their data in an era of largely unregulated Big Tech vulnerability and monopolization. Crown Sovereign (CSOV) utility token enables users to access the novel product suite, including quantum-resistant cryptography and NFTs, end-to-end encrypted messaging, and other future data compression technologies. The Crown Sterling Chain is an independent high-speed Layer 1 solution built using Polkadot’s Substrate framework. With CSOV token and ecosystem, users can also encrypt personal data, including geolocation and browsing history, and convert that data into NFTs with the option to monetize it on exchanges. With data emerging as the world’s most valuable asset, Crown Sterling looks forward to ushering in a new paradigm of Personal Data Sovereignty.

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