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Crown Sterling Limited LLC Founder Publishes Novel Geometric Model of Natural Spirals

Galaxy NGC 1232 identified as a mod (16) spiral

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Crown Sterling Limited LLC announces today that its Founder and CEO, Robert E. Grant has proposed a novel class of triangular spirals. The model and its geometrical and mathematical analysis was published Thursday, November 4, on Cornell University’s titled: “A Novel Geometric Model of Natural Spirals Based on Right Triangle Polygonal Modular Formations.” The paper was co-authored by Physicist and Number Theorist Talal Ghannam PhD and Amanda Kennedy.

Nature is intrinsically simple, and the triangle is the simplest of all geometrical shapes and also the most stable among them. Any geometric form can be deconstructed into a matrix of triangles of different shapes and sizes, as infinite element analysis. Moreover, the Pythagorean relationship governing the right triangle’s sides presents it as the most suitable shape to be used in constructing spirals, mathematically as well as geometrically.

The model proposes a novel class of spirals based on perfect polygonal formations, whose pitch spirality and logarithmic base value is defined as Hypotenuse/Height (inherent Right Triangle/s), which in turn defines both the polygonal reference and Modular Configuration. The spirals are defined by a fractal of right triangles that delineate their geometry and determine their progression rates and modes. The publication demonstrates how the spirals match naturally occurring ones, including hurricanes and galaxies, much better than already proposed models, allowing for more accurate categorization of these phenomena and better prediction of their physical properties. Co-author Talal Ghannam PhD said, “Spirals and right triangles could be the two most fundamental geo-numerical principles that exist at all levels of physical reality.”

“This is an important paper because it demonstrates a geometric proof explaining why galaxies and hurricanes possess the spiral pitch that they do. We also believe that this paper lays the groundwork for a unified [Geometric] theory of Gravity [Scalar Waves] and Electromagnetism [Transverse Waves] by demonstrating the geometric relationship between both in a simplistic matrix clearly represented in the Euclidean [Geometric] Plane. This new understanding sets a foundation for a new perspective of elliptic curve analysis and its relation to polygonal modularity,” said Robert E. Grant, Founder and CEO.

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