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Crown Sterling Appoints Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and EMEA

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., December 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Crown Sterling Limited LLC announced Kuran Sailopal has been appointed as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and EMEA. Mr. Sailopal will be based in Dubai, UAE and will lead Crown Sterling’s new international offices there. Crown Sterling delivers next-generation encryption products to empower individuals to claim, protect and control their personal data. The Crown Sovereign (CSOV) utility-token and NFT platform backed with One-Time Pad quantum-resistant encryption, debuted on the Exchange October 5, 2021. Crown Sterling is actively expanding its product offering portfolio with the upcoming public launch of its native wallet, mobile app, and NFT ‘Collectible’ capabilities.

Mr. Sailopal previously led global business development for the exchange (Formerly exchange). Prior to that, he held various finance, banking, and corporate development roles of increasing responsibility throughout the UK and the Middle East. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Management from Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK.

“We are thrilled to have Kuran join our team. The unique combination of his management skillset, talent and broad network, will serve the company’s mission toward achieving quantum-resistant data sovereignty for individuals,” said Crown Sterling Founder and CEO Robert Grant.

Kuran Sailopal shared, “I am delighted to be joining a team of visionaries and thought leaders, and we have a clear growth strategy for 2022.  During the next year, we aim to scale our organization around the world and announce long-term strategic partnerships with established projects in the crypto space. Personally, I align with Crown Sterling’s vision of personal data sovereignty for individuals, and I believe Crown Sterling will become a platform for decentralized usage of personal encryption. I also envision an entirely new digital ecosystem on the back of Crown Sterling’s quantum-resistant blockchain technology that operates at real-time speeds.”

About Crown Sterling Limited LLC

As a leader in Data Sovereignty and quantum-resistant encryption, Crown Sterling’s mission is to transform an era of unregulated data consolidation, monopolization, and monetization by Big Tech and empower individuals to claim, protect, and control their data.

Crown Sovereign (CSOV) utility token enables users to access the novel product suite, including quantum-resistant cryptography and NFTs, end-to-end encrypted messaging, and other future data compression technologies. With the CSOV token and ecosystem, users can also encrypt personal data, including geolocation and browsing history, and convert that data into NFTs with the option to monetize it on exchanges. Crown Sterling Chain is the world’s first Layer-1 blockchain to implement One-Time Pad’s quantum-resistant cryptography and empowers a self-sovereign ecosystem. The team will also launch a chain agnostic Layer-2 Security Oracle, providing post-quantum technology for web 3.0.As data has surpassed oil as the most valuable asset in the modern world, Crown Sterling looks forward to ushering in a new paradigm of Personal Data Sovereignty

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