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Robert Edward Grant AMA Recap

Earlier this week, Crown Sterling Founder and CEO Robert Grant, tuned in on the Exchange’s Telegram Channel for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. The conversation took participants through an introduction to Crown Sterling, Crown Sovereign $CSOV and the Data Sovereignty mission, 2022-2023 roadmap including NFT Collectibles, and developments in One-Time Pad encryption, compression, and another new tech – the “BFN Calculator.”

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Robert responded to as many of the questions as he could within the scheduled timeframe, and we will do our best to continue to publish new answers. Check out the full AMA recap on Some highlights include:


We will be demonstrating our novel Data (Mathematical) Compression later this year. We already have this for Key Compression, but we are now expanding on the concept to include data/message text for all types of data. Given that the world spends almost 20% of the energy on Data Storage and related activities, we think that this could have a huge impact on the Planet while also decentralizing data storage for all. This is a critical aspect of our Data Sovereignty Mission.

NFT Capabilities

Early next year, we will be launching two major programs, the expansion of our Crown Sterling App to encrypt all your data and even geo location, search history and purchase history so that users can easily turn their data into salable NFTs.

While our NFTs will be able to be sold many different exchange platforms, we will also be creating our own NFT Exchange to make a market for the most valuable asset category in the world: Data.

Expanding Ecosystem

Over 35 companies have informed us that they plan to build their new blockchains on top of the Crown Sterling Architecture. Many of these companies are Metaverse companies. It is super exciting to watch the developments happening here. However, this is why we are focused on completing our NFT Collectibles functionality, as we will not be able to partner with so many companies until we achieve a very high degree of scalability through automaticity.

Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks can take many forms. We use state of the art protocols for all attack vectors, but have placed a very high emphasis on Quantum Resistance. If all files are properly secured with correct key distribution and authentication using One-Time Pad, even if a network is breached by an attacker, as every character of every encrypted file is encrypted using a distinct key, then even if one character is deciphered, an attacker is no more likely to decrypt the other characters of the same file. This is also true of files and is a huge advantage to the use of Block Ciphers like AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

Here is a great video by Security Expert Eric Cole.

How to Learn More

Read our white papers which are all found at Crown Sterling; however, we are working very hard to always simplify. A lot of our mathematical work requires a somewhat more advanced understanding of mathematics and geometry. This is partially why we wrote a book to put all of this into one place – PHILOMATH: The Geometric Unification of Science & Art Through Number – although we are always advancing the research in this regard.

About Crown Sterling Limited LLC

As a leader in Data Sovereignty and quantum-resistant encryption, Crown Sterling’s mission is to transform an era of unregulated data consolidation, monopolization, and monetization by Big Tech and empower individuals to claim, protect, and control their data.

Crown Sovereign (CSOV) utility token enables users to access the novel product suite, including quantum-resistant cryptography and NFTs, end-to-end encrypted messaging, and other future data compression technologies. With the CSOV token and ecosystem, users can also encrypt personal data, including geolocation and browsing history, and convert that data into NFTs with the option to monetize it on exchanges. Crown Sterling Chain is the world’s first Layer-1 blockchain to implement One-Time Pad’s quantum-resistant cryptography and empowers a self-sovereign ecosystem. The team will also launch a chain agnostic Layer-2 Security Oracle, providing post-quantum technology for web 3.0.As data has surpassed oil as the most valuable asset in the modern world, Crown Sterling looks forward to ushering in a new paradigm of Personal Data Sovereignty

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