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Crown Sterling Decrypts RSA Asymmetric Public Keys in Live Demonstration

Crown Sterling Also Announces Completion of New White Paper: “Novel Geometric Methods for Semiprime Factorization” NEWPORT BEACH, CA, September 20, 2019  – Crown Sterling, an emerging digital cryptography firm, announced that the company conducted a live demonstration...

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The Quantum Attack on Bitcoin

The countdown to the imminent collapse of current cybersecurity technology is only a handful of years away. The clock is ticking down, and the attack, although expected, will be lethal unless a solution can be adopted against an impending quantum computer attack....

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How to Protect Our Kids’ Data and Privacy

YOUTUBE IS CURRENTLY under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission following complaints that the platform improperly collected data from young users. It’s unclear how much data this might be, but there’s reason to believe it could be a lot. For many kids,...

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WhatsApp Exposed Phones To Israeli Spyware

On Monday, WhatsApp admitted a major cybersecurity breach that has enabled targeted spyware to be installed on phones through voice calls. The security vulnerability affects both iPhone and Android devices, with malicious code (allegedly) from Israel's NSO Group,...

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