A New Paradigm of
Personal Data Sovereignty

Crown Sterling’s mission is to enable individuals to claim, protect and control their personal data. From quantum-proof encryption products to a novel blockchain-enabled and tokenized ecosystem, Crown Sterling is transforming digital security with its non-integer-based algorithms that leverage machine learning and irrational numbers.

Mission: Personal Data Sovereignty


Crown Sterling established the “Data Bill of Rights” for individuals, declaring digital assets to be the intangible personal property of original producers (consumers) under existing laws and protections as personal or intellectual property. The Data Bill of Rights formed the “Genesis Block” of the Crown Sterling Chain.


The security features relied on for decades will be broken in the near future. Crown Sterling has advanced the popular, proven and scalable Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) encryption software module by replacing vulnerable prime number Private Keys with non-repetitive irrational number-derived random Private Keys.

The looming threat of quantum computing power is speeding up the race to create a new paradigm of secure protocols.

Crown Sterling addresses this challenge without the need for specialized hardware systems by generating random numbers efficiently, consistently and quickly, achieving high entropy values.

Predictable patterns, previously unknown in number theory, have made some widely used encryption systems vulnerable. Our encryption products employ irrational numbers and machine-learning algorithms to overcome this vulnerability.

The Crown Sovereign token (CSOV) utilizes One-Time Pad, an encryption technique viewed by cryptography experts as the most reliable method of data security. Previously deemed infeasible for scalable use cases, Crown Sterling has successfully engineered the first viable utility for One-Time Pad encryption, coined CrownEncryptOTP™.

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, where to purchase and trade, and its security protocol here.


In an effort to truly democratize the world of data Crown Sterling is creating a blockchain-enabled asset exchange and marketplace. This novel Data Exchange will enable you to earn money for your data, should you choose to share it.

Your data will be captured to your own Encrypted Personal Blockchain and tokenized for sharing, Personal NFT and selling in the Data Marketplace Ecosystem.

You may opt for total privacy of your digital footprint or choose to share data, which affords you some convenience you may enjoy. So, YOU choose what data to share and with whom. You’re in control.

The Proof is
in the Product

Crown Sterling’s non-factored algorithms leverage time, music’s infinite variability, AI, and mathematical constancies to deliver on the promise of quantum encryption without the need for specialized hardware. The proof, though, is in the product:

Next Generation ECDH
High Entropy Random Numbers
Based on irrefutable mathematics
A proven team of leaders
Data Security now and in the future
NIST Validated

Cryptography News

Crown Sterling Announces Launch of its Native App & Wallet

Crown Sterling Limited LLC announces launch of its native wallet and secure messaging application to the public today. The desktop application, available on both Windows® and Mac®, supports the storage and transfer of the utility token, Crown Sovereign (CSOV). read more


HitBTC Exchange Lists CSOV on December 23, 2021

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Dec. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Crown Sovereign (CSOV) token, innovated by Crown Sterling Limited LLC, an encryption and digital asset solutions provider, is listed on HitBTC Exchange beginning December 23, 2021. The CSOV token is backed by a quantum-resistant blockchain security protocol, developed exclusively by Crown Sterling. CSOV has been successfully engineered to be the […]read more

Forbes Monaco Accidental Encryptionist

Crown Sterling Founder Featured in Forbes

Featured at the First Annual Forbes Monaco Crypto & Art Gala in November, the Accidental Encryptionist includes interview highlights and company insight from Robert Grant, Founder and CEO of Crown Sterling. The article dives into how new discoveries in mathematics led to establishing Crown Sterling and the launch of the Crown Sovereign (CSOV) quantum-resistant token.  […]read more


Leadership Team

Robert E. Grant – CEO and Chairman
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Vik Malik – Managing Partner
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Ed Inal – Chief Operating Officer
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Jesse Lurie – Chief Technology Officer
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Kuran Sailopal – Senior Vice President Of Corporate Development EMEA
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