Joel Dietz


Joel Dietz moved to Palo Alto, California from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He studied computer science and philosophy at Brown University and University of Pennsylvania and proceeded to do advisory work on exponential organizations and uses of collective intelligence through organizations on the cutting edge of both of these areas (eXo Works and Agentic Group). Passionate about innovation, his move to the west coast was a natural fit. 


Joel frequently hosts executive summits and briefings on the state of the art in various technologies through his Palo Alto based research center. Primary topical areas include Blockchain, Biohacking, Deep Learning, Virtual Reality, Quantum Computing, Future Art, and Organizational Design. Maintaining a decentralized expert network in the above areas, his friends and neighbors frequently come together to compare notes on the state of the art within their technologies. Joel also facilitate early development of promising future tech prior to commercialization possibilities in the legacy of DARPA. 


In his free time, Joel loves to practice yoga and invent games. He also loves tinkering and promoting experimental governance models.