Strathspey Crown Founder Publishes First Infinite Prime Number Prediction Methodology

Mar 21, 2019

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Strathspey Crown LLC announces today that its Founder and Chairman, Robert E. Grant, identified the first Infinite Prime Number prediction pattern. The discovery was published yesterday on Cornell University’s titled: “Accurate and Infinite Prime Number Prediction from Novel Quasi-Prime Analytical Methodology.” The paper was co-authored by Physicist and Number Theorist Talal Ghannam PhD.

Prime numbers have the unique characteristic that they have no divisible factors. They have confounded mathematicians for thousands of years and have been the subject of much research and academic debate at universities and institutions of learning around the world.  

The discovery was made through a novel geometric approach to Number Theory. When ascending integers are placed around an Icositetragon in 24 positions with each 360 degree turn of the spiral, a clear pattern emerges revealing large Prime Numbers (>5) along eight moduli infinitely (spokes). A new classification of Non-Prime Numbers, those numbers located in the same moduli as the Prime Numbers and divisible only by large Prime Number products, was identified. The discovery of the Quasi-Prime Number designation paved the way for a novel Prime prediction algorithmic equation derived through contradiction using standard computing technology and verified by infinite equation and super computer modeling.

“After countless hours of mathematical research, it is very gratifying to see this discovery and new understanding come to the world. The inspiration for the discovery came when I noted a repeating pattern for every 24 Fibonacci numbers when viewed using digital root analysis—implying a sine/cosine wave correspondence. I strongly believe that this discovery will serve as a doorway to higher understanding of a new wave-based theory of numbers with further research, the positive impact of which we hope will be significant to many fields of research in mathematics and science,” said Robert E. Grant, Founder and Chairman of Strathspey Crown LLC.

Co-author Talal Ghannam PhD said, “It was a distinct honor to work with Robert on this exciting research, the import and impact of which cannot be fully comprehended at this time.” Ghannam further commented: “The novelty of the analytical method and identification of a contradiction algorithm to identify a new classification of ‘Non-Primeness’ was fundamental to the discovery.”

Strathspey Crown Managing Partner, Vikram Malik said, “I would like to congratulate my partner Robert for this breakthrough discovery. Having known him for over 15 years, I am convinced that his diverse background, knowledge across many fields of endeavor and his general worldview led him to this profound accomplishment.”

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